Action Industrial & Marine Sales Inc

Over 20 years of marine and offshore sales and service.

About Us


Over the past 20 years, Action Industrial & Marine Sales Inc. (AIM) has provided a wide range of sales and services to the marine and offshore industries. The Company , since 1998, provides unique products to the traditional marine and offshore drilling industries. Action Industrial & Marine Sales is a forward-looking company, providing technical and economic products for customers with value added service after the sale.

AIM is ready to serve with professionalism and integrity to meet the customer needs. While meeting the everyday needs of vessel owners, AIM tends to push the technological envelope with new and different ways of doing business for the Marine Industry.  AIM can provide tank level sensors such as the ABS approved Core Sensors.  Also, AIM can provide radar, ultrasonic and other sensors to meet the protocols and regulatory boundaries that are imposed on the industry. Furthermore, AIM has the experience and knowledge for Facet oily water separators, Keckley  strainers, and many other products for the marine industry.

Action Industrial & Marine Sales sets the standards for quality in the Marine industry.  AIM has set the standard or high quality in product sales and Marine Service. The Company emphasizes the service after the sale to satisfy the multiple discipline practices associated  with products for the construction of Marine vessels in the Shipyard Industry and to satisfy the vessel owners.

Action Industrial & Marine Sales, Inc. The Company has years of experience in sales concerning the traditional design of cargo vessels, cargo barges, integrated tug/barge units, supply and offshore drilling vessels. AIM provides the newest and latest technology in products for the Marine industry.

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